The Park's Pools

Wyndley Pool

Wyndley Pool. Originally built as a mediaeval fish pond, Wyndley Pool is situated adjacent to the Wyndley Leisure Centre complex. It can be accessed from Clifton Road and is very close to the Wyndley Gate entrance (which is closed to vehicular access).

After comparing black and white postcards with their later coloured afterthought, I do not trust the coloured ones any more, that they do not reflect as much life back then, but what has the artist 'added in'? The following post card was sent to me by David Wilcox and the reverse clearly shows the date 28th May 1906, as well as a King Edward VII postage stamp. The road still exists by the way. Its near the Bangla Deshi Islamic Centre!!! Need I say any more!! The card reproduced below shows signs of there being people added to the original. And a few more distant people have not been coloured in. I love the scrolling B in Birmingham and the fact that Smethwick is 'near' Birmingham.

and below, older images of the same section

Compare the above with the next one. The colour one is obviously a fake with an added character, probably the artists wife

This lady also appears in the Blackroot Pool images; she has been painted to those too, later on

This is also another colour copy of a black & white image. Some of these figures have been painted in, in particular front right
And below, modern day equivalent