Walmley Sutton Coldfield
 originally Woam Lea

I don't know how many of you are aware of this but every morning at approx 0530 - 0600 hrs two elderly gentlemen take to the street of Walmley Village and clean up the overnight mess left by the fast food joints, pub and chippy. Every morning, rain, hail dry or snow. Thats why Walmley always looks tidy!! Think on that next time you're there.

Walmley 1887

Penns Lane Bridge over Plantsbrook and below, the same image in 2012

The Fox (circa 1946)

Steam loco passes through Walmley on its way from Tyseley to Crewe

Passing under Penns Lane, on its way to Sutton Coldfield (Bham-Lichfield line). The site of Walmley Station

Penns Lane looking towards Wylde Green

And the tree itself, 52 years years on (Jan 27th 2012)

Art Deco Shopping Walmley

I took this because I have a serious point to make:

Walmley has always been a bottle neck of traffic and not just at rush hours when the traffic queues can stretch back a goodly mile in three directions. The bus stop was in that recess where cars are now parked. WHAT moron in the Council had it moved OUT onto the main road? Instead of cars being able to pass the many buses that use this stop, they now pile up behind it, this crosses over the traffic lights behind and all the way back to New Hall Vets in the rush hour. Vehicles simply cannot get passed. This particular image - I waited a few minutes so that bunched up traffic had cleared a bit. A few seconds after this was taken, a bus pulled up, and traffic again went across the lights and 'piled' up over the junction.

Walmley Alms Houses The stone says The Memory of the Just is Blessed

Zoom shot of Refurbishment Plaque July 2009

Sutton Coldfield Municipal Charities
Refurbished Almshouses
Opened by The Bishop of Birmingham
Rt Revd David Urquhart
on 4th July 2009