Sutton Coldfield

New Hall Valley & Seasons Change

Updated: 26 Feb 2017 

May 2008

April 2009

2016 this has now been vandalised and smashed

22 December 2011

Early morning sun behind the tree

New Hall Hotel across the Park

Pheasant searching the grassland for food

I put this feller in because, if a god created everything, then he created a serial killer of the bird world. This murderer will gladly empty a nest of chicks
to feed its own young. It will kill birds it encounters by beating their brains out and its legal to kill it but only on your own property!
Nature would be a much nicer place if we had none of these Magpies.

New Hall Mill

Moss on the top of a railing

Heading now towards Penns Lane

This sign, almost buried in woodlands and shrub tells us that the Country Park, I have just walked along, is 'private land'

Jan 27th 2012

Crisp fresh day and another image of New Hall from the Valley

As the walker approaches Penns Lane the pathway becomes heavily fenced, even a couple of bridges I used to stand on to watch the river have been 'barricaded' presumably by a landowner who does not want Joe Public to go anywhere near his grass? A railway crosses this bridge. Mind you, after seeing increasing signs of the lesser brained moronic nomadic vandal who can blame him?

February 9th 2012

April 12th 2012 - Spring has sprung in the valley!

A hawk circles high in the sky whilst a plane leaves Birmingham. This high zoom shot is darkened slightly to show off the two elements.
The plane was entering the cloud and vanished

Common as muck as they say, but each a geometric miracle

Mrs Blackbird collecting nesting material. She obligingly posed whilst I zoomed the camera in

Looking back along the Valley towards Sutton Coldfield from Walmley. As it turned out, a typical 2012 summers day, heavy cloud

In memory of a dear friend passed away 11th April 2012. a Welshman of course

January 9th 2013

May 2013

spring is late this year due to the cold extended winter weather, probably about 6 weeks late. The following images were taken on 3rd May 2013:

Fungus on a tree by new Hall

Water boatman. See the surface depressions aused by their legs/feet? And the shadow on the river bed

Moss on a twig

I think this is a Yellow Wagtail, taking a drink

October 2013

A late Autumn

April 30th 2014

Xmas Day 2014

Go on! JUMP!!

Feb 6th 2015

March 2016

October 2016

February 2017

Fungi on a twig

Below: A first for me, Little Egret on the New Hall Valley taken approx 1230 hrs 26 Feb 2017.
I have seen plenty of these on the River Dart, but first time here. We recently had a storm which
blew up from the south west, wonder if this is a storm driven visitor.