Rectory Park

Rectory Park was used with some frequency by me, but not for many years now as the Hospital staff (and visitors)
use the bloody place as a car park to avoid hospital charges and the park users cannot get in!! Still that way in 2016 and 2019!!

1886 map. 1. Rectory 2. Boot Inn. 3. Hollyfield  4. Mount View  5. The Blabbs. 6. Now Rectory Park
7. Cemetery  8. Now site Good Hope Hospital  9. Now Bedford Road  10. Gas Works

Above 2003, and below 2016

This used to be a pathway into the football pitches, the church decided it didnt want people walking down their path to get there!
Very christian of them, so they locked the gate.

December 2013

May 28th 2016, walked though the park on my way into town 8 years have passed since the above images

Royal British Legion Wild flower Remembrance Garden Rectory Park

and of course our great Cricket Club

To the north of Rectory Road the 1886 map below shows what now known
as Whitehouse Common

 Sept 2018

November 2018