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I get the impression from these two verses that Sacheverell was not a 'pious' preacher at all!!


Yes! It IS Peter Cushing, portrayed in his role of Thomas Becket

The Earl of Warwick Bear

1870 The cupboard in the image is here below:

Restaurant Windows

Spud has now accepted, after a long time, that this is his 'home' and the gardeners & housekeeping look after him

oooh! take my best side!!

His grave is in the old cemetery in Rectory Road

Finally, going back inside, in this section, the 'diamond' windows

At first glance, this is 'just an leaded window' but if I take parts of this and englarge them, history jumps out at you:

The above is dated Sept 1289 - this can only be 1589 if genuine. They are written into the glass with a diamond ring or stone

I think this may translate from the latin as something to do with 'luck in love' or 'fortune loves' Sep 11 1589

October 2016
and in black and white (21st C accoutrements have been photoshopped out!)