The Countryside In & Around Sutton Coldfield

Most of what you see below will vanish, forever, in the near future, because the socialists in Bham Council
are going to build 6000 homes, and industrial estates on what is supposedly protected green belt. Look, and remember.

The Bridle Path April 2021

Looking towards the Anvil from the Bridle Path April 2021

Stephens Wood April 2021

Stephens Wood April 2021

Stephens Wood April 2021

The above area will soon be gone, forever. Birmingham Council want to build 6000 houses and some industrial estates here;
needless to say, my opinion of this scumbag council can not be repeated here

 When I was a young lad living in Moreton, Wirral, not far from Wallasey and Birkenhead in those revolutionary days of the early 60s, I would spend many an hour out in the fields around where I lived, not too far from Bidston Hill. When I look back now I wish I had owned a camera to take pictures of what has now long gone and disappeared from the memories of most. Now, in my late 50s, I settled in Sutton Coldfield in the early 90s and can already see that which was beautiful, is rapidly disappearing under the threat of the ever greedy developer and even greedier council of the People's Republic of Birmingham! A field does not generate taxation, but an area full of miniscule throw up housing does! Especially when the new occupant pays 6 figures for a 10,000 cost property of breeze block and prefabricated sections. So, I have decided to capture what I can, when I can, so that people can look back from their concrete jungles of the not too distant future and remember what the fields nearby used to look like before the Council take it all away in their vision of housing - EVERYWHERE! Remember, an empty field does not generate income to the council, but a housing estate does!! Go out now with your cameras and record for your grandchildren what this area once looked like because once its gone ....................... this first batch were taken on 14th June 2005 around the fields of Fox Hollies, ASDA & Homebase in Minworth and Springfield Road. The batch taken on 31st July covers Springfield Road, Lindridge Road, Holly Lane, Grove Road/Ox Leys Road Crossroads, Bumble End Barn, Wiggins Hill Road and Bull Lane in that order. On 12 Nov 07 I went along, past Walmley, to Plantsbrook Nature Reserve opposite Pype Hayes Park; images below. More walks, more images as you scroll down.

April 12th 2009 - Holly Lane & Lindridge Road

1. Probably the nicest smell on the planet - Hawthorne in bloom

May 1 2013




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July/Aug 2014

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar. - TOXIC

Sunset taken from a moving car


Plantsbrook Nature Reserve

Winter Time


Sept 2016

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Sept 2018