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Miniature Railway

Miniature Railway was another Park attraction and images and details can be found on this site

The Sutton Miniature Railway (SMR) was a 15 inch gauge railway which ran in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Over the years the line had several different locomotives. Eventually the railway closed down and everything went into long term storage, rather than being auctioned off. However in 2000/01, the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway (CCLR) stepped in with the aid of a Heritage Lottery Grant, to purchase and restore the majority of the stock. The 'Sutton Collection', as it has become known, moved straight to Cleethorpes where restoration began in earnest, to ensure as many people as possible could enjoy and experience the collection which had been stored away for 40 years!

As well as 'Sutton Belle', 'Sutton Flyer' and S.M.R. No.4, the CCLR also secured the 6 enclosed coaches, 4 open coaches and a small signal box, as well as steelwork from the S.M.R. sheds and station, which has allowed the CCLR to create a large and impressive 'train-shed' canopy over their central station. Unfortunately, S.M.R. No.3 'Mighty Atom' was not sold as part of the collection, and still remained in the hands of a private owner, in storage awaiting restoration. With the proper No.3 stored, the opportunity was taken in 2007, to repaint a fellow Bassett-Lowke Class 10 Atlantic, namely 'Red Dragon' from the Windmill Farm Railway, into S.M.R. livery and have it masquerade as No.3. for a special Sutton gala being held at Cleethorpes.

So, for the weekend, 'Red Dragon' became S.M.R. No.3 in it's 'Prince of Wales' guise. In 2008 SMR No.3 - 'Mighty Atom' was secured by the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway to complete the Sutton Collection, it is to be restored and will be run on the line at Cleethorpes. Locomotives and rolling stock from the 'Sutton Collection' run regularly at the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway.CCLR Runs daily throughout the season (Easter-November) and at weekends out of season. It ran from the entrance of the park in a loop which passed behind the cafe at Wyndley Pool, and returned to the station.

Sutton Coldfield