The Park's Pools

Longmoor Pool

Longmoor Pool is located close to the Banner's Gate entrance to Sutton Park, which is situated adjacent to the junction of Monmouth Drive and Chester Road North. The tranquil beauty of the Longmoor Valley when viewed over its waters makes it hard to believe that originally the pool was built in 1735 to power an industrial watermill. Initially it was used in the manufacture of buttons. An anonymous writer of the time complained that:

(M)any of the vallies which are by far the most valuable part of the waste land have been granted away by the body corporate to several of their own Aldermen and members for the making of pools and other purposes.

below, the same photograph, different time

Aug 23 2011

I took this with my phone on 9 Aug 2011. Note the Parks cattle bathing and drinking on the opposite side.

I did not take this, wish I had!

The next three show what the braindead vandals do when they want to impress an equally braindead vandal.
I do hope they find themselves in need of one of these one day, and cant find one.