Local Business

The only criteria for inclusion in here is the fact that I have used them or know them and have been completely satisfied with their work
or that the person concerned has been more than helpful. This is a personal way of saying thank you.

My alloys looked like ready for the knackers yard, bruised, battered, you name it. So I went to Prestige and they transformed them into 'brand new' satin black alloys. Everyone has silver' I wanted to be different, not expensive at all, lovely job, well pleased

I had some car electronic work done, namely a completely new up to date electronic alarm system that seems to do everything but make the tea. As a result I am happy to add this persons details onto this page in recognition of a very reasonable price and a 'lifetime' guarantee!!

I had a fault and couldn't fathom it, so gave this gent a call,
he sorted it with a complete diagnostics computer.
From a completely new kitchen, from the brickwork up, to new toilet facilities, this man does the lot. Trying to catch him is hard, he is so busy.

The Resource Centre opposite Norris Way Council Tip.
An Aladdins cave of treasures and bric a brac and VERY inexpensive

I have known Mike Smith for many years now and recommend him to you. Have it checked now before you lose your business or home!  

Domestic & Commercial Premises

Had carpets and a former suite cleaned by him - do they really get that dirty??? Fascinating gallery in a really old OLD building, worth a look on its own!

Mobile Friendly Web Solutions

I  recall when in the Army in Sutton, Phil used to look after all our cars.
He still looks after the cars at the local MoD