The Park's Pools

Keeper's Pool

Keeper's Pool was originally built as a fish pond within the mediaeval deer park. The name of the pool suggests that a park keeper's lodge was nearby when the pool was built. The pool dates back to the 15th century and was formed by the damming of a stream. Keeper's Pool is approximately 2 acres and contains Perch and Roach. Keepers Pool was constructed by John Holte, the Keeper of Sutton Chase in the reign of King Henry VI.

The 1930s Art Deco "Keepers Pool" Baths was obliterated by arsonists. These brave scum sneak into the Park in the night and destroy so much. So much so, it had to be completely demolished and is lost to Sutton Coldfield forever. Moronic vandalism will eventually destroy our society as nobody seems willing to act, and be seen to act, in the correct manner by bringing the full weight of the law down on these mindless idiots. Wikipedia tells us: There was a rare 1887 lido, for open air all weather swimming, at Keepers Pool. But the Lido closed in 2003 after arson, and was burnt down entirely in 2004. The Lido area has now been purposely reverted to woodland and wetland.


Image David Wilcox

This is all that was of the swimming pool, destroyed by scumbag vandals