Updated 24 Dec 2015

Sutton Coldfield Donkey Sanctuary
Nestling in the Royal Sutton Coldfield Parkland is a signposted but easily missed oasis known as the Donkey Sanctuary. I visited it today for the first time with my wife and grand daughter. It has been in the park for 21 years and incorporates a riding centre for children with learning disabilities. That particular organisation celebrates its 40th anniversary today! 25th November 2015. The donkeys are from various locations including some of the famous Blackpool Beach donkeys. Others have been mistreated in the past and have been brought here, like at many other Donkey Sanctuaries, to retire into blissful peace with plenty of food and rest. There was not a donkey we met and stroked that was not peaceful, placid and very friendly. Next visit we are taking ginger biscuits (which donkeys love) and of course carrots!! Here are my images of this wonderful mornings visit.  We went to the Christmas Fair there and took packets of ginger nuts, and a BIG sack of carrots. Later on we took a sack of their favourites, Swedes!!!

They have a marvellous selection of goodies for sale, very inexpensive. Bought my grand daughter a cuddly donkey, only 1

The specialist riding centre for children with learning disabilities, indoor, nice and warm.
The Charity Booklet free at the Sanctuary