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Credits & Thanks writer of Royal Sutton Coldfield A Commemorative History

David Wilcox - many hours work for many emails for much info - my thanks

Roger in Bassett's Pole Service Station for leading me in the direction of the Electric Light Station in which they are now situated
Marion Baxter - Sutton Coldfield Library for allowing me to print pictures they possess, any of these are marked accordingly
And for the use of her book The Old Photographs Series - Sutton Coldfield Published by Alan Sutton Ltd ISBN 0-7524-0043-6
Management of the Gate & Three Tuns for some assistance  for help on copyright issues
Sutton Park Rangers - for maps and info
Rob Calway Sutton Coldfield postman for his history of the British Postbox
Andy - for the images emailed - Traffic info for the person on the move 

and finally, thanks to all who have emailed me asking for update images of places they knew. Todays images are tomorrows history
Sutton Coldfield

The main stream dealerships rip motorists off big style, this is my local garage, actually located by Ryland Road tip Sutton Codlfield. They are the "old" sort of garage
manned not by kids with degrees or years at a Polytechnic, but by mature experienced men who know and care about their work

Domestic & Commercial Premises