Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield Commerce as at 1913

Early closing day, Thursday 2 p.m.

Adams Chas. Bladon, shopkpr. 82 beer ret. Reddicap hill

Adams George William, shopkeeper, Holland rd. Maney

Adams Joseph H. prof. of music, Glenroy, Anchorage Rd

Adams Thomas, butcher, 87 Parade

Adamson Robert John L.R.C.P. &  L.M.I. physician & surgeon, Dun Mona, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Adcock Eustace, draper,York house, Belwell lane Four Oaks

Adcock James, hair dresser & tobacconist, 18 Mill street

Allport Wm. cab propr. & furniture remover, Station street

Anderson Frederick William, architect, Sutterton, Driffold, Maney

Ashtree House School, preparatory for boys & girls & high school for girls (Miss Katharine Hancock, head mistress), Anchorage road

Aston Frank R. butcher; 11 High street

Attkins Henry & Son, provision dealers. 50 Parade


Baguley Martha (Miss), ladiesí school, Manor road. Maney

Bailey Arthur, district superintendent Equity & Law

Life Assurance Society, College road, Maney

Bailey William, jobbing gardener, Mountain Ash, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Baker A. T. (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, Station Street

Baker Henry, grocer, Whitehouse Common

Baker John S. shopkeeper, Park Road

Band Alfred James, grocer, Holland road, Maney &, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Band Henry James, grocer, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Bastable Samuel Josiah, undertaker, 62 Parade

Bateman Stephen, The Gate P.H, Mill street

Baylis Raymond O. Assessor &. Collector of taxes, Masonic Hall chambers, Mill street

Bayliss Ernest R. J. cycle agent, 60 Parade & Mill street

Beamond John L. farmer, Coppice farm, Four Oaks

Beamond Wm. Thos, farmer, Hill Wood, Four Oaks

Beard George, cab proprietor. Belwell lane, Four Oaks

Beard William, farmer, Hill Village road

Beck Samuel, coal dealer & haulier, Walsall rd. Four Oaks

Beddoes Stores, grocers, Parade

Bell A: Turner, coal merchants, London & North Western wharf

Bennett Jessie (Mrs), tobacconist & Post Office, Park Rd

Beresford Joseph, shopkeeper, Reddicap Heath

Betteridge Thomas B.A., M.B., B.C.Camb. physician, Bishopstone, Birmingham road, Maney

Bewlay H. auctioneer, see Fowler & Bewlay

Billson John Henry, coal merchant. Caradoc, Coleshill Street and Park Station (Midland Railway) depot

Bird it Raine, upholsterers, Mill street

Bird Alfred, farmer, Yew tree, Reddicap heath

Bird James, builder, 26 Station street

Birmingham Corporation Gas Co. (R, S. Hilton, sec.), Masonic Hall chambers, Mill street

Birmingham Dairy Co. Limited, dairymen, 6 High street

Black Bella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Duke street. Maney

Black Leonard, farmer, Clarence road. Four Oaks

Blackband Thomas, builder, Jockey road

Blaxley Thomas T., L.D.S. dentist, Ash villas, Birmingham road, Maney & Parade

Blyth, Son &: Hughes, auctioneers &c. 44 High street

Bodley William George M.P.S, chemist & Druggist, Mere green

Booth Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkpr. Lichfield rd. Four Oaks

Boots Cash Chemists Limited. chemists, 58 Parade

Bore William Richard, White Lion P.H. Hill

Boston T. & Son Ltd. coal merchants, Four Oaks station

Bosworth Elizabeth (Mrs.). shopkeeper, Jockey road

Boucher Thomas, farmer, Little Sutton

Bourne J. K. & Son, corn & hay & straw dlrs 81 Parade

Bowring Stephen, farmer, Whitehouse farm, Rectory Rd

Bracebridge Henry. farmer, The Mill, Blake Street

Brander Charles, cycle agent & dealer, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Brindley Ellen (Mrs,). apartments, Laurel.cottage. Belwell lane. Four Oaks

Brindley, Joseph fishmonger, Lichfield Road. Four Oaks

Brittain Harriet A. (Mrs.), fancy repos. 46 & 48 Parade

Bromwich William, baker & confectioner. High street

Bromwich William, boot & shoe dealer, High street

Bromwich William, grocer. High street

Brookfield Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 56 Holland street, Haney

Brown Charles greengrocer, Riland Road

Brown Frank painter. Reddicap hill

Brown Henry. confectioner, Lichfield Road. Four Oaks

Brown William Alexander M B., C.M.Edin., M.R C.S. Eng physician & Surgn. Glenrorg Birmingham Rd.Maney

Brownhill Archibald. Private School. Avondale house, Clifton Road

Buckley, Eber, hairdresser, 83 Parade

Ellen Bull, midwife, May Villa, coleshill Road

Bullock. Arthur. Fox & Dogs Pub. Little Sutton

Bullock Richard, farmer, Roughley

Bunn Joseph, Bricklayer & Slater. Coleshill Street

Burent Grange High School for Girls (Mrs. E. Prescott & Miss Ethel Rowe BA.  Four Oaks Road

Burt Frank. dairyrnan, Colletts Brook farm, Roughley

Butler William, Halfway House P.H. Lichfield road, Four Oaks


Cadby Christopher & Sons, druggists. Parade

Campbell P. & P. dyers & cleaners. 18 Parade

Cannock Chase Colliery Co. Limited (William George Macvitie, agent), London & North Western Railway wharf

Cassidy & Stephens, painters &  decorators, 63 Parade & 1 Avenue Road

Cattell Thomas Bellamy, chemist, 22 High street

Cemetery (R. A. Reay-Nadin, clerk to the cemetery committee), King Edward Square

Chamberlain G. & Sons, motor engineers & garage, Mere Green road & Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Charnlierlain Geo. grocer. Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Chambers Harry & Co. Limited, motor engineers, The Parade; taxi-cabs & cars for hire.

Chapman William & Son. cab proprietors, Lichfield Road

Chavasse Howard Sidney M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., L.S.A.Lond. surgeon, High street

Clarke (Chas. Jas. general stores, Lichfield rd. Four Oaks

Clarke Frederick W. painter, Duke street, Maney

Clarry William A. H., CE. borough surveyor, Council House, King Edward square

Claydon Thomas. cabinet maker, Rectory Road

Cleland John K: & sons, boot & shoe makers.28 The Parade

Claws Austin, farmer, Hill house, Lichfield road, Hill

Clive & Co. electrical engineers, 4 High street,

Clutterbuck Thomas, grocer, 53 Riland road

Colby Geo. baker & grocer, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Cole S. R. saddler. Mill street

Cook Charles J. sub-postmaster. Mill street

Cook Mary Elizabeth (Miss), confectioner, 38 Parade

Cooke Edward,  plumber, 17 Riland road

Cooper & Co, motor engineers, Park road

Cooper Anne (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Belwell lane, Four Oaks

Cooper Frank, farmer, Langley hall

Cooper Fanny (Mrs.), dress maker, 1 Willow bank, Clarence road, Four Oaks

Cooper William Elliott, greengrocer, 1 Willow bank, Clarence road, Four Oaks

Cope Ernest. farmer, Fox Hill farm

Corbett Charles H. motor engineer, High street

Cornforth Joseph. farmer, High heath

Cornforth Joseph. shopkeeper, Whitehouse common

Cornwell Brothers,. coal merchants. 44 High street

Corporation of Suitton Coldfield Electricity Department, (Trevor Duesbury. engineer & manager), Riland road

Corporation Weighing Machine Depot, Riland road

Coulson John, farmer, New Hall farm, New Hall

County Police Station (Inspector W. J. Lambourne, in charge), Station street

Crockford Arthur Leslie B.A. solicitor (firm, Holbeck & Addenbrooke), High st.; &. 7I Temple Row, Birminghm

Crown Window Cleaning Co. Lower parade

Crowther William Henry, assistant overseer, collector of rates, registrar of births & deaths for Sutton Coldfield sub dist.& insurance agent, King Edward square

Crudgington Frederick, Anvil P.H. Langley

Cull Susie A. (Miss), school, Iona cottage, Lichfield road

Cunningham Thomas, Old Dog P.H. Lower parade

Curtis Henry, tea rooms, Park Road


Dain Charles Major, draper, High street

Dain F. Sydney, ironmonger, 14 Parade

Dainty Annie (Miss), teacher of music, Park Road

Dalman Charles Henry, Museum tavern, 2 Parade

Daniels George Fredk. painter & decorator, 75 Riland Rd

Darrall James, butcher, Belwell lane. Four Oaks

Davenport & Co. colliery agents, Midland railway, Sutton Park station

Davies Albert James. Refreshment Rooms, Park Road

Davis Albert, boot & shoe repairer, 6 Cole`s lane, Maney

Davis Arthur, castrator, Little Sutton

Davis William H. Farmer, Bull's Lane farm, Bull`s lane

Dawson Hy. Barley Mow P.H. Lichfield Road, Four Oaks

Dean Helen & Alice (Misses), drapers, Parade

Deeley Nellie (Miss) A.C.V. teacher of music, Belwell Lane, Four Oaks

Dees & Go. Drysalters, Parade

Dickens Charles. painter & decorator, Lower parade

Dimmock William, shopkeeper, Parade

Dixon Frederick, draper, Mere green

Dodd Phebe (Miss), draper. Parade

Draycott Charles R. ironmonger, see Powers & Draycott

Drewett Albert Henry, teacher of music, Meadowfield, Jordan road, Four Oaks

Duesbury Trevor, electrical engineer to the corporation, Royal road

Duke Mary (Miss). Costumier  16 High street

Durant Wm. J. news agt. & stationer, 12 & 14 Mill St

Dutfield William, cabinet maker, 4,0 Lichfield road

Dyer Ada (Mrs.). shopkeeper, & post office, Reddicap hth


Earl Lucie A. (Miss), ladies' school,Allerton, Lichfield rd

Eastmans Limited, butchers. 10 Parade

Eddowes At Son, solicitors, High street

Eddowes Herbert Macaulay, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, see Eddowes &; Son

Edwards William Henry, farmer, Langley Mill farm

Ellis Sarah A. (Mrs.), fancy repository, High street

Ellison John 8; Son, boot 3: shoe makers, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Ellison Thomas, deputy town clerk, Council house

Elson Thomas F. boot repairer, Lower parade

Emery Robert. jun. coal dealer, Holland street, Maney

Entwistle Thomas, plumber, Holland road. Maney

Eustace Frederick Arthur, tea rooms, Park road

Evans & Chavasse. surgeons, High street

Evans Alfd. Hy. M.R.C.S.Eng., L.S.A. surgeon, High st

Evans Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 2 Willow bank, Clarence road, Four Oaks

Evans George, butcher, Riland road

Evans George Stokes, butcher, 34 Parade & 10 Cole`s lane, Maney


Farmer John, farmer, Whitehouse Common .

Farmer Thos. Wm. haulier, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Fearn George, inspector South Staffordshire Water Works, The Cottage, Coleshill road

Felton Clement, ironmonger, 24 Parade

Fillingham S. Ingram L.D.S. dentist, Vesey Manor house, Birmingham road, Maney

Finch Edwin, Crown P.H. Walsall road, Four Oaks

Fire Engine Station (Chas.E.Browning,capt.),Council House

Fletcher M, A. (Mrs.), Three Tuns P.H. High street

Fletcher Margaret Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper. Station. st

Flewitt Charles York M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. physician & surgeon, Clarendon, Lichfield road

Forsyth James Alex. Cup inn, Birmingham road, Maney 

Foster Brothersí Clothing Co. Ltd. clothiers, 26 Parade

Four Oaks College (Albert Leal L.C.P. principal), Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Four Oaks Cricket Club (Arthur E. Terry. hon. sec. Oakleigh, Clarence road), Jordan road, Four Oaks

Four Oaks Spraying Machine Co. (The), manufacturers of limewashing, spraying & disinfecting machines, Belwell lane, Four Oaks .

Fowler & Bewlay, auctioneers, 24 High street

Freeman, Hardy & Willis, boot & shoe makers, Parade

Freeman Harvey, insurance agent, Duke street, Maney


Gardner Kate (Miss), dress ma. Ballylease, Coleshill rd

Garman Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 54 Coles lane, Haney

Genders Frederick R. grocer, Belwell lane. Four Oaks

Gent John H. accountant, Clifton house, High street

Gent Joseph, school attendance officer, Council house

German Fanny (Miss), milliner, High street

Gibbins William, furniture dealer, Mill street

Gilbert Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Whitehouse common

Gill Wm. stationer & newsagent, Birmingham rd. Maney

Godwin William J. nurseryman, Lichfield road, Hill

Grammar School Herbert Jerrard M.A., B.Sc. head master; G. Richardson MA., W. H. Ault B Sc., W. Harrison, A. G. Letty,  J T Amos, A. S. Jones B.A., H. G. Thorpe B.Sc., S. G. Wintle BA., N. Squier B.Sc. & J. E. Ray, assistant masters), Lichfield road

Greatrix William, farmer, Little Sutton

Green Amelia St Annie (Misses), dress mas. Lower parade

Green Charles, farmer, Grove farm, Bullís lane

Grice Daisy (Miss), confectioner, I5 Queen street, Maney

Grimley W. J. 87 A. fruiterers, Mill street

Grimley Joseph, wheelwright, New-hall street

Grove Misses, confectioners, 66 Parade

Grove Thomas B. & Son, nurserymen & seedsmen, Wyndley nursery, Clifton road & 64 Parade

Grove T. B. (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, Wyndley pool

Grundy Frank, farmer, Muffins den, Roughley common


Haden John George, apartments, The Woodlands & Lynwood, Clifton road

Hall Brothers, furniture dealers, 40 Parade

Hall Arthur, baker, grocer, At post office, Walsall road. Four Oaks common

Hancox J. & Son, dairymen, Maisemore, Belwell lane, Four Oaks

Hancox George, chimney sweep, Walsall rd. Four Oaks

Handley Wm. Law, farmer, School farm, Tamworth rd

Hannah R. inspector of explosives, Council house

Hanslow John G. refreshment rooms, Wyndley pool

Harbour Ernest, poultry frmr. Hill Common rd. Four Oaks

Harbour Florence (Mrs.), apartments, Hill Common rd. Four Oaks

Harcourt Jane (Mrs.), draper, 12 & I4 Coles lane, Maney

Harding George, Four Oaks P.H. Belwell la. Four Oaks

Hardy Sc Manders, builders. Holland street. Maney

Hardy Jesse, news agent & stationer, Hill Village road, Four Oaks

Hargrave William, farmer, Langley heath

Harlond Henry H. park forester, Park road

Harper Enoch, shopkeeper, Park road

Harper Frank Edmund, butcher, Lichfield rd. Four Oaks

Harpur Walter John, hosier, 52 Parade

Harris Samuel, farmer, Worcester lane, Little Sutton

Harrison Frederick, butcher, 20 Parade

Hastilow Walt. & Son, builders. Mere Green rd. FourOaks

Hastilow Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 8 Parade

Haynes W. J. &, Sons, plumbers, glaziers & painters, 41 High street

Haynes Annie Elizh.(Miss),statnr. & news agt. 16 Parade

Haynes Robert John, draper, Riland road

Hemus Sarah Ann (Mrs.), ironmonger, 8 Coles la. Maney

Heydon Vincent, hair dresser, Mere Green rd. Four Oaks

Hickman William, news agent, Lichfield r0ad,Four Oaks

Hickson Sarah (Mrs.), tobacconist, Havana house, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Higgins Alfred, farmer, Hill hook

Higgs Arthur, plumber, 28 Station street

Hill St Four Oaks Working Menís Club (Arthur Ernest Terry, hon. sec. Oakleigh, Clarence road), Hill Village road, Four Oaks

Hill John, grocer, Blake street, Four Oaks

Hill John Chas. builder, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Hill Mary Ellen (Miss), apartments, The Cottage, Walsall road. Four Oaks

Hitchman Wm. (Mrs), refreshment rooms, Wyndley pool

Hodgson Frederick John, shopkeeper,56 Queen st. Maney

Hodgson Robert L.D.S.R.F.P.S. dentist, Lenton cottage, Streetley lane, Four Oaks; &; Crescent chambers, Bullstake, Darlaston, Stalls

Holbeche & Addenbrooke, solicitors, High street

Holdcroft William, smith, Rectory road

Hollier George H. confectioner, Q2 Parade

Holloway Herbt. Coulson, frmr. Edge Hill frm, Four Oaks

Holmes John, tea. rooms, Lower parade

Holt James &7 Son, dairymen, Blake Street farm

Home of Rest for Women & Girls, Clifton road

Horne Arthur Edmund, baker, 69 Holland road, Maney

Howse Alice (Miss), shopkeeper, Lower Queen street

Huband John, grocer, 55 Riland road

Hudson & Kendall, dress makers, Hill

Hughes Regnld. Jn. auctioneer, see Blyth, Son & Hughes

Hughes William J. sign writer, Riland road

Hunt John, chimney sweeper, 46 Holland street, Maney


Insley John & George. farmers, Marl Pit Hall farm

Insley John, farmer, Hill wood. Four Oaks

Insley John. plumber, 8 & 10 Duke street, Maney

Ireland Chas. builder, Field ho. Mere Green rd. Four Oaks


Jackson Herbert F. teacher of music, Clifton house, Victoria road

Jackson Richard, blacksmith, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

James Walter Henry, blacksmith, Little Sutton

James Walt. Hy. builder, 44 High st. & Whitehouse common

Jenkins Alfred, nurseryman, Hollyfield road

Jennings Julia (Mrs.), glass St china dealer, I3 Queen street, Maney

Jerome Geo. Percy M,B.Lond., L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng. physician &, public vaccinator & medical officer for Sutton Coldfield district, Aston union, Manor rd. Maney

Johnson Brothers, dyers & cleaners, 94 Parade

Johnson William Thomas, tailor, High street

Johnston J. M. & Son, nurserymen, Mere Green road, Mere green

Jones Richard, market gardener, Roughley

Jones William, linen & woollen draper,5, 7 & 9 Station St

Jones William Thomas, pharmaceutical chemist, Arden pharmacy, High street

Jordison Henry W. furniture remover, 17 Coles la. Maney

Joyner Walter, hair dresser & tobacconist, 34 High street

Juxon Brothers, painters & decorators, Lower parade

Juxon Thomas Wm. cowkeeper, College brook, Roughley


Kane &, Lloyd (Misses), drapers, Parade

Keatley William Henry, farmer, Hill wood, Four Oaks

Keeling & Sherwood, chartered accountants, Masonic buildings, Mill street

Kendall Lucy (Mrs.), dress ma. see Hudson & Kendall

Kent William, shopkeeper, Coleshill road

Kent William F. shopkeeper, Coleshill street

King Ethel Beatrice Nellie (Miss) A.N.C.M. Lond. teacher of music, Oak cot. Belwell lane, Four Oaks

King Fras. sen. farmer, Church gro. Whitehouse common

King Francis, jun. farmer, Hill Village rd. Four Oaks

King John, farmer, Peddimore hall

King Joseph, coal merchant, Belwell lane & L. &. N. W. Railway wharf, Four Oaks station

King Samuel, lamp oil dealer, Church lane, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Knight William, farmer, Bullís lane

Knill Alfred John. manager London City & Midland Bank Limited, High street

Knott Edward Milward M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond physician &, surgeon, 1 Coleshill street


Lakin Anne (Mrs.), midwife. Hazeldene, Elms rd. Maney

Lawley John, bricklayer, 47 Newhall street

Lawley Mary Ellen (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 53 Holland street, Maney

Lea James, beer retailer, Rectory road

Lea Robert, farmer, Hill Hook farm, Four Oaks

Le Dain Nicholas John Fleming. chemist, 36 Parade

Lee Benjamin W. cycle dealer, Mill street

Leslie Mary Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper, &, post office, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Lightwood Alfred, boot maker & repairer, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Lister Edwin, greengrocer. 4 Coles lane, Maney

Lloydís (Mark) Brick Works Limited. brick makers, Sutton Old yard & Wheatmore brick works

Lloyds Bank Ltd. (branch) (H. L. Mortimore, manager), High st. ; draw on London office, 71 Lombard St  EC

Lockley John, greengrocer, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Loescher Arthur James, farmer, Whitehouse farm, \\'hitehouse common

London City & Midland Bank Limited (branch) (Alfred John Knill, manager), High street & sub-branch (open mon. wed. & fri, 11 am. to 2 pm), Oriel house, Lichfield road, Four Oaks; draw on head office, 5 Threadneedle street EC

Longmore Frederick W. hatter & hosier, 4 Parade

Loyns Thomas, farmer, Walsall road


McCormack Selina (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 2I Newhall street

Maeer Henry. carrier, Little Sutton

Maltby Ada (Mrs.), draper, 38 Coles lane, Maney

Manders Frank, builder, see Hardy & Mauders

Mannall James, nurseryman, Little Sutton

Marriott John James, nurseryman, Coleshill road & Midland wharf

Marshall Edward Albert. farmer. Hill Village road

Marston & Marston, architects, Masonic Hall chambers, Mill street

Marston Herbt.Wm.Hy. Architect, see Marston & Marston

Martin Reuben, van builder. Birmingham road, Maney

Mason George J. Limited, grocers, 30 Parade .

Masonic Hall (Thomas Trappett. caretaker), Mill street,

Massey Harry, tobacconist, Parade & I0 Station road

Matthews Edward. painter. Little Sutton

Matthews John William. grocer, High street

Matthews Thomas, basket maker. Trinity hill

Matthews Thomas F.N.C.M. professor of music, Fairlight. Coleshill road

Maypole Dairy Co. Limited, provision dealers, I2 Parade

Meadows Thomas Shepperson, coal merchant, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Merrifield Fred, inspector of nuisances, Council house, King Edward square

Middlenian Thomas, boot repairer, Mill street & 64 Farthing lane, Maney

Middlemore Charles, shopkeeper, 2; Newhall street

Millward Thomas, New Inns P.H. Lichfield road, Hill

Mitre Coal Co. Limited, coal merchants, London & North Western Railway wharf

Mogridge & Co. outfitters, Belwell lane, Four Oaks

Moore Brothers, cycle agents & dealers, Parade

Moore Ernest Edward, farmer, Hill wood, Four Oaks

Morris Alice (Miss), dress maker, B Holland st. Maney

Morris Arthur, boot maker, Holland road, Maney

Morris Charles James, Royal hotel, High street

Moxon E. F. & M. D. (Misses), private boarding & day school, Stretton, Lichfield road, Four Oaks


Nealeís Tea Stores, grocers & tea dealers, Mill street

Nelson James & Sons Limited, butchers, Parade & Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Newbrook Thomas, shopkeeper, Boughley

Newbrooke Herbert, clothier, Whitehouse common

Nickols Thomas Henry, butcher, 10 Mill street

Nix Adam, shopkeeper, Hill Village road

Norgrove Henry, confr. Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Nutt Eliza (Mrs.) 8; Sons, greengrocers, 76 Parade

Nutt Thomas, fruiterer & greengrocer, High street


Oakley Alfred, King`s Arms P.H. Coleshill road

Oliver Owen, insurance agent. Hill Village rd. Four ()aks

Owen Albert Mus.Bac. teacher of music, 6 The Primroses, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Owen David Charles L,, F.R.C.S.I. physician 52 surgeon, Vrondťg, Wentworth road, Four Oaks


Parkes William, chimney sweeper, Lower parade

Passey Marion (Mrs.), boot & shoe dealer, 19 Station st

Patrick Elizh. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Walsall rd. Four Oaks

Pears John E. nurseryman. Clifton road

Pearson William H. greengrocer, Parade

Penny John Henry, carrier, Lower parade

Perkins Arthur Watson, draper, Mill street

Perry A. T. & Co. Limited, electrical engineers, Kings chambers, Parade

Phillips Alfred Harry, tobacconist, 14 Parade

Pidoux John, music & musical instrument seller, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Pinson Emma (Mrs.), midwife, 94 Holland road, Maney

Powell William Edward, confectioner, Parade

Powells Pool Co. Limited, steel rollers (Walter Randall, sec.), Stone House mill, Sutton park

Powers & Draycott, ironmongers, Belwell la. Four Oaks

Powers Richard W. builder, Belwell lane, Four Oaks

Provident Dispensary (Howard Cant, hon. sec.; Sir Robert M. Simon M.D.Camb,, F.R.C.P.Lond. consulting physician; Sir T. F. Chavasse M.D.Edin,,F.R.C.S. Eng. consulting surgeon;
J. O. Tunstall M.D.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., G. P. Jerome MB.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., Thomas Betteridge MB., B.C.Camb., M.R.C.S. Eng., Thomas Alex. Brown M.B, C.M.Edin., M.R.C.S. Eng., Howard S. Chavasse M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P Lond., Charles York Flewitt M.B., Ch.B.Birm. M.R.C.S.Eng., Robert John Adamson L.R.C.P. & S. & L.M.I., Richard Clayton-Morris L.R.C.P. GL S.Edin. Harold Edward White M.B.Lond., M.R.C.S.Enq. Frederick Charles Barlow-Eberhardt L.R.C.P. & S. Edin., L.F,P.S.Glas. & Edward Milward Knott. M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. surgeons), Coleshill st

Pugh Samuel, builder, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Pugh Thomas Frederick. pork butcher, 5.; Parade

Pyett & Son, house decorators, Jordan road, Four Oaks-


Raine Charles E. cabinet maker, see Bird &, Raine

Ray O. S. saddler &; harness maker. Station street

Raybould William J. ale & porter bottler. 30 Station st

Read & Sons, mineral water manufctrs. Up. Holland rd

Reay∑Nadin Robert A. town clerk, sec. to the Education Committee 8: clerk to the magistrates. Council house

Reeves Rowland. house decorator 8:, plumber, Rosebank, Belwell lane, Four Oaks

Reeves Sarah (Miss), fancy repository, 80 Parade

Richardson Oliver, watch & clock maker, High street

Roberts Edward. shopkeeper. 26 Mill street

Robinson C. & G. timber merchants, Wyndley pool

Robinson 2; Co. coal merchants. L. & N. W. Railway wharf, Sutton Coldfleld & Four Oaks station

Robinson George, boot maker, Whitehouse common

Robinson Leonard, boot maker. Walsall road, Four Oaks

Rochford George, farmer, Four Oaks common

Roe George, boot- maker. Mere Green road. Four Oaks

Rogers Henry, hoot repairer, Lower Queen street

Rose Beatrice (Mrs.), apartments, Chelston, Lichfield road. Four Oaks

Ross Elizh. (Mrs,). dress ma. Clarence rd. Four Oaks


Sabatini Frederick, bookseller & stationer, Carton house, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Saint-Johnston Thomas L.D.S.lrel. dentist, Annandale, Mulroy road

Salmon Alice (Mrs.), shopkeepr. Walsall rd. Four Oaks

Salt Henry, butcher, 74 Parade

Sampson Ernest, com.trav. Strathyre, Jordan rd. FourOaks

Scattergood Benjamin, Plough & Arrow P.H. Roughley

Scott A. E. (Mrs.), grocer, & post office, Birmingham road, Haney

Scott Alfred, blacksmith &, wheelwright, Hill hook

Sherwood H. Harold, chartered accountant, see Keeling & Sherwood

Short George Henry, Station hotel, Station street

Simpson Mary Anne (Mrs.), aparts. Stanwix, Clifton rd

Sims Henry 81: Edwin 8; Co. tailors Su outiitters,86 Parade

Singer Sewing Machine Co. Limited, sewing machine manufacturers, Parade

Slaney Richard, boot Zo shoe maker, 72 Parade

Slater Frederick, farmer, Hurst Green farm

Slipper Thomas F.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, Brookdale. Manor road

Smith G. &, Son, monumental masons, Queen st. Maney

Smith Thomas &; C0. poulterers, High street

Smith W. H. & Son, stationers St booksellers, 54 Parade

Smith Alfred H. Royal Oak P.H. 3 Mill street

Smith Cecil H. auctioneer, Mill street

Smith Emma (Mrs.), boot it shoe dealer, Mere Green road, Mere green

Smith George T. W. pawnbroker,19 Queen St. Maney

Smith William, greengrocer, Little Sutton

Smith William, joiner, 57 Coles lane, Maney

Smith William, Old Sun P.H. Coleshill street

South Staffordshire Waterworks Co. (John Whitworth, collector), 44 High street

Speight James, photographer, Parade

Spencer Edward Charles, farmer, Hill farm, Clarence road, Four Oaks

Stephens Maurice, tea rooms, Lower parade

Steventon Richard, gasfitter, 85 Parade

Stopher George, farmer, Worcester lane, Little Sutton

Stott Frdk.Walt. hay & straw dlr. Walsall rd. Four Oaks

Streather Robert & Sons, builders, Four Oaks station

Stott Charles, farmer, Oxleys, Four Oaks

Sutton Coldfield Club (H. L. Mortimore. hon. treas. Lloyds Bank; L, Bruce Griffin, hon. sec., High street Sutton Coldtield Masonic Hall Co. Limited (C. F. Marston, sec.), Masonic buildings, Mill street

Sutton Coldfield News (Birmingham News & Printing Co. Limited, proprietors; published sat.), 16 Parade

Sutton Coldfield Nursing Home (Miss Harris, matron), Birmingham road, Maney

Sutton Coldfield Reading & News Room (Miss C. Morwood, librarian), Masonic hall, Mill street

Sutton Coldfield Working Menís Club (William Dewbury, sec.), Coleshill street

Sutton (The) Laundry Limited, laundrymen, Coleshill road & High street

Sylvester Thomas, Railway inn, Station street


Tailby Sidney J. painter, 4 Mill street

Telephone Call Office (Miss Edith Smith, clerk in charge), I7 Queen street, Maney

Terry Walter J. farmer, Langley heath

Thickbroom Elizh. (Miss), shopkeeper, Holland rd. Maney

Tomey G. W, & Co. coal merchants, London & North Western wharf

Toon Edgar, plumber, Mill street

Tooth Frank, painter At decorator, Duke street & 71 Holland road, Maney

Townshend Charles, refreshment rooms, Hollyhurst, The Park & Blackroot pool; 40 pleasure boats, excellent fishing; schools specially catered for; tents for hire

Tranter Ada (Miss), shopkeeper, Lyndon road

Trappett Thomas, bill poster 80 town crier, Masonic hall

Tudor Laundry (The) (John Norris, propr.), Coleshill st

Tunstall John Ogle M.D.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. surgeon, Lower parade

Turner Joseph, shopkeeper, Roughley

Turrall James, fishmonger, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Turville & Williams, builders, Queen street, Maney

Tyrell William, poultry farmer, Little Sutton


Underhill James, grocer & beer retlr. 2 Coles la. Manev


Valentine Walter John, draper, 96 Parade

Vickers Geo. plumber & gasfitter, Birmingham rd.Maney

Vyse & Son, greengrocers, Lower parade


Wadey Maria (Mrs.), midwife, Whitehouse common

Wadsworth Thomas Bernard, watch & clock ma. Parade

Walker James, chemist & druggist, 90 Parade

Walker James, ironmonger, Parade

Walker Samuel, watch maker, Mill street

Walker Thomas William, Horse St Jockey P.H. Birmingham road, Maney

Wallace Elizabeth (Mrs.), cabinet maker, Mere Green road, Four Oaks

Wallis John, farmer, Wheatmore farm

Wallis Joseph Spencer, farmer, Spring Hill farm

Walsall &. District Co-operative Society Ltd. (branch),

Warmington Thomas L.D.S. dentist, Vesey Manor house, Birmingham road, Maney

Warner Rev. John Henry B.A. organizing sec. for Church

Missionary Society for dioceses of Birmingham, Lichfield & Worcester, Rutland villa, Coleshill street

Watson C. K A. (Misses), music teachers, Masonic buildings, Mill street

Watson Wm. builder, Hilton, Jordan road, Four Oaks

Watson William John, surgeon-dentist, Enderlie, Lichfield road

Watton Joshua, fruiterer, 22 Parade

Watton Thomas H. fruiterer St greengrocer. Lyndon rd

Webb Kathleen Jessie (Miss), confectioner, 110 Parade

Webber & Pethybridge, grocers, 56 Parade

Wells Douglas, laundry, Hill Village road, Four Oaks

Wells Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 28 Holland st Maney

White George, greengrocer, Holland road, Blaney

Whitlock G. (Miss), photographer, Park road

Whittles J. Dencer B.D.S.Univ.Bíham,L.R.C.R.C.S.Eng. dental surgeon, Tranmere, Lichfield road, Four Oaks

Whitworth John, collector for the South Staffordshire Water Works Co. 44 High street

Whorton Henry, coal merchant, Blake Street station

Wilkinson John, cabinet maker & upholsterer; all kinds of domestic utensils & machinery repaired; french polishing, soldering, glazing, Netherfield house, Lichlield road, Hill

Willetts Reuben Wm. White Horse P.H.Whitehouse common

Willey Edwin Palmer, teacher of music, Lichheld road, Four Oaks

Williams Charles Arthur, Duke inn, Duke st, Haney

Williams Harry, builder, see Turville & Williams

Wodhams Lawrence H. grocer, Lichfield road, Four Oaks & 42 Parade

Wood Arthur, boot maker, 78 Parade & 28 Mill street & 3 The Primroses, Lichfield Road, Four Oaks

Wood Francis William, wheelwright, Hill Village road, Four Oaks

Wood James William, painter 8: plumber, Belwell lane, Four Oaks

Wood John, plumber Sc glazier, 30 High street

Woodcock 5: Sons, stationers, Parade

Woolley Brothers, decorators, Manor hill, Haney

Wright James Wm. grocer, 1 Station st. & 1 Park Road


Yates Charles, window cleaner, 96 Holland road, Maney

Yote Manufacturing Co. (The), manufacturers of small accurate parts, wheels & mechanisms in brass & steel, Mere Green road, Four Oaks. T A "Yote, Mere Green "

Young )Menís Christian Association (J. H. Cadbury,sec.), Clifton house, High Street Ken Miles Lee Vale-Onslow - Friends of New Hall Mill Sutton Coldfield Observer - Sutton Coldfield News