Coleshill Street - Sutton Coldfield

Coleshill Street has managed to retain much of its important character in spite of the close locality to the town centre. From medieval arrow groves to Trinity Church to Albion house and the adjacent cottages. I am pleased to admit that I was responsible for contacting the Council and getting them to 'yellow line' one side of the street as it was overly used as a 'free' parking space for cars, covering the pavements, and blocking the road for little more than one way traffic!!! Indeed, I was walking up here one morning at 9am and watched as a younf lady parked her car 95% ON the pavement, and prcoeeded to walk into the town centre and get a bus (5) out of town!!!  It was a nightmare for pedestrian and vehicle alike and gave many a bus driver nightmares. Thanks therefore to Birmingham Council for that little favour.

Labelled as High St but actually the top of Coleshill Street

Coleshill Street 1950. Image: David Wilcox

Taken from the Kings Arms

February 2014

The building on the left is Albion House

The arrow grooves below are situated in that  former stables doorway above

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