The Park's Pools

Blackroot Pool

Blackroot Pool was built in 1759 with the primary aim of powering a watermill. The lease which allowed the pool to be constructed was granted by the Sutton Corporation in 1757 for 2 shillings (0.10), well below what appears to have been the 'market rate'. However, the lessees were the Warden and his nephew. The mill was initially used for leather dressing, but later became a water-powered saw mill. The modern saw mill is used to make gates, fences and other timber products from timber produced within Sutton Park. The pool is approximately 12 acres in size.

Different photograph but same lady in white - obviously an artist who added lady onto a postcard (she is on others)

6 Feb 2020 and below

Female Pike above, and Male Pike basking in the warm sun

I say chaps, I rather think we are lost!

May 29th 2012 and following images
Mandarin Ducks on Blackroot Pool

Amusing tale relates to the image of the female Mandarin above. My 2 year old grandson was feeding the ducks and the Mandarin and her mate were standing on the lake side here watching him. He moved slightly towards them and the male backed away, forgetting that the edge was behind him and he went, backwards, into the water, hence the splash in the pic. The female is looking obviously wondering 'hang on, he was here a second ago'!!! May 29th 2012. Sadly I missed the event by half a second! Below left, the male swims off spitting water!

October 2014

Look love! I can walk on water!
A few from 17 December 2020
November 25th 2021