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The Anvil


The Anvil is so named because, directly across the road, was the Blacksmiths

Part of a topic contained in the BBC web series Peoples War.

Because of the constant bombing of the industrial area around Birmingham, a lot of folk went into the countryside and even changed jobs if possible. I was one of them! It got so bad at the BSA with the air raids starting before I could get back home, that it was decided I should leave there. For a time I stayed with my sister Evelyn and brother-in-law Mick in Sutton Coldfield. They had moved into a new house in Springfield Road not far from the little pub called The Anvil. It was quite countrified in that area, fairly rural and not many bombs were being dropped there, so I felt a lot safer.

I do know that a small part of the present Anvil set up is 'protected', I believe it is an old stable block. During the period of time that I have used the Anvil (I played for the Darts Team) I have seen it go from a washed out, dead pub with watered beer, (which I didnt use) to a thriving pub taken on and revived by Martin Bayliss. It went downhill again during an abortive attempt by a local resident to run it and actually closed down for about three months before being taken on by a Tamworth publican (who also owns the Boot, another pub previously owned by Martin). This is how it stands at present (2012 This did not last long either, by 2020 it has seen several owners). There is precious little online regarding the Anvil. Incidentally, if you read this and intend a visit, the pub no longer does food nor does it even have a phone number. Traffic fumes and beer and smoke make a nice afternoon interlude on the tables outside!! Nevertheless the pub is situated with a nice view across the fields which you can see through the cigarette smoke being exhaled in the Bar and Lounge doorways. 

Anvil 1910

Two images from Dave Roberts ex Stephens Road